Hello & Welcome to my blog!


Hi, this is me – Marianne, born in the United States, Michigan to be more exact . I am a proud mom to a son & daughter (now very grown up), Oma (Grandma) to two adorable little boys and married to an amazing, very patient and incredible man, who just happens to be German.

This is our very “cheeky” cat, correctly named Khaleesi.042

We live in Southern Germany in the very beautiful state named Bavaria.

The 700th Birthday Celebration of our Clock Tower.

Six years ago, I somehow made a drastic change in my life, to be happy. Moving overseas wasn’t an easy decision and isn’t always easy now. But living here with my husband, traveling, speaking a foreign language and doing all the things I had ever dreamed of with a man I am in love with… it feels like destiny.

Tegernsee, Bavaria

This blog is my adventure.







2 thoughts on “Hello & Welcome to my blog!

  1. My late Mother took a leap of faith over 40 yrs ago and left her home country of Italy to come to the US to marry a U S Navy sailor whom she met in Naples. It was a quick decision and she didn’t even speak English. She was deaf as well but as far as I am concerned she spoke English very well despite the challenges she faced.


    1. What a beautiful story! I love hearing that others have done the same thing and admire her ability to learn English, especially being deaf. She must have been a very strong person, espcially as she left her home so long ago, when the world wasn’t so easily connected. Thankyou for sharing!

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