Excerpts from our honeymoon in Paris

Paris!  A romantic city by night and so much beautiful history to look at by day.  My first time in Paris at the age of 10 was magical.  Maybe when you are small and you look up at the Eiffel Tower and are overwhelmed by the size and the fact that it looks like a huge lace statue, it does leave a memory.  Later on at 13 years old, I saw this city in a different way.  The shops, the cafes and the couples walking hand in hand, stealing a kiss while standing on the banks of the Seine.  The artist painting the city through their eyes.  The couture… yes, Paris left quite a different impression on me at that stage in my life.  It was at that time, I decided one day I would visit Paris on my honeymoon with the man I loved.

It took quite some time to happen, but 5 years ago I did fullfill that dream of a Honeymoon in Paris, with the man I love.  It is even quite possible that the magic of the romance of Paris put a spell on our love and it deepened more than one could think possible.

Here are some of my favorite photos from that trip.  I hope you enjoy them.

honeymoon 2011 061


honeymoon 2011 114


honeymoon 2011 116


honeymoon 2011 119


honeymoon 2011 065


honeymoon 2011 129


honeymoon 2011 176


honeymoon 2011 146


honeymoon 2011 153


honeymoon 2011 163


honeymoon 2011 032


honeymoon 2011 165


honeymoon 2011 070


honeymoon 2011 069