Khaleesi Tales (Episode One)

If you haven’t read my about page, you probably don’t know we have a cat named Khalessi.  Yes, we are avid fans of Game of Thrones.  Ironically, the name fits her personality.  She is feisty, beautiful, playful and sometimes serious too.  She understands both English and German… maybe.

This is just one of the strange conversations or experiences that I had with her.

Let me set the scene.   Our kitchen the bottom shelf of our small island, where I store potatoes and onions in a basket.

Me: Khaleesi!  Stop playing with the Potatoes and Onions!  They are not toys!”

Khalessi:  Looks at me, ignores me and continues trying to scoop up a medium-sized onion with her paw.

Me: Katze, was Machts du?!!  (German for what are you doing cat?!)”

Khaleesi:  Stops trying to scoop up an onion and is now attempting to take a potato out of the basket with her mouth. 

I laughed and left the kitchen.  Not even a minute later she had something more interesting to do, like sit on the windowsill and ignore me.





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