Spring training at the Tegernsee & the national sport

The national sport of Germany is…?  Anyone?  Soccer or Fußball as we call it here.  That question was even on my Citizenship test, believe it or not.

My husband Leif is an avid sports enthusiast. Soccer, hockey and baseball.  As a child growing up in Germany, they pick a team.  Just like in the United States, Germany is also divided into States.  The young child will pick what team they will support for the rest of their lives.  Leif’s team of choice is Borussia Mönchengladbach.   No, it is not Russian and they just call the team Gladbach for short.  Their stadium is in the North Rhine-Westphalia region or state, just about a half an hours drive to the Netherlands border.  Okay, enough geography.  Basically, we live nowhere near it.  But we do live near the Tegernsee where spring training is happening for the start of the new soccer season.  So what did we do?  As usual, we planned a road trip with friends.

Let me give you an idea of what this town looks like.  It is a lake with a town around it,  set in the middle of what they call the voralpen.  The beginning of the Alps.


Here are a few more photos of the area around the Tegern Lake




And yes, I really did take a photo of a dog stopping his frisbee play to pee.




In this next photo we had a wonderful lunch outside at the local Hofbräuhaus.  I ate the traditional Leber Kase with Kartoffelsalat and Bretze.  Of course we washed that down with the locally brewed beer.  Let me explain in English what we ate.  Leber Kase is basically a warm, thick bologna, it is not liver and cheese and I have no idea what they call it that.  Kartoffelsalat is potato salad.  Bretze is a big pretzel. I guess I don’t have a photo of our meal.


Of course, our little group had to stalk the team at their hotel boarding their bus.  Yep my husband was as excited as a small boy.


Now lets head to the soccer field nestled in the mountains.



In this next photo I wanted to share with you peek at the refugee set up in parts of Germany.  If you can see on the right some blue and white umbrellas and right behind you can just make out a white dome.  That is a temporary refugee camp.  Right next to the soccer field.  There were no problems or and tensions about and they seemed to be enjoying the game too just like everyone else. I think they got in for free though, but thats okay.


It was a beautiful evening and setting for a soccer match and yes, Gladbach won.:-)



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