It’s the little touches that make it homey.

First things first.  I am not referring to Homer Simpson.


At least, that’s what went through my head when I read the title of this post.  Right!  Let’s get on with the subject at hand.

But first… a little useful information about kitchens in Germany.

When you rent or buy a home, they usually do not come with the kitchen furniture.  Meaning, no cupboards, counters, sink or appliances.  It is up to the renter to furnish, not the landlord. Here is an example of what a kitchen may look like when you rent an apartment.


My situation was a little different as my husband had a place, which I have very inexpensivly re-decorated to fit my needs since I love to cook and bake.  Many times people will buy “non-kitchen” furniture like a sideboard with a cupboard or whatever fits in the space.  It saves money as you can imagine what it costs to have a custom kitchen design.  (That is on my list of wants, I admit)  Although we do not have built-in cupboards or counters, we did add a few changes.   New flooring and two new pieces of furniture.

I was finding that my kitchen still  seemed empty, white and stark. I have been adding simple touches to warm it up and give it a “homey” feeling.  These little projects costs next to nothing.

As I didn’t have a cookie jar and being American…. need I say more?  I like having a cookie jar always filled in my kitchen.  I had found this glass jar with a glass lid in our cellar, added a bit of twine and made a label and now I have a cookie jar.  This little project did not cost me anything.


Nope those cookies are not homemade.  Normally, it is filled with homemade, but when it’s already 82 degrees in the kitchen and no a/c, I just can’t bear to turn on the oven to bake.

As a kind of “matching” piece, I added the twine to my utensils container as drawer space is very scarce, I needed to keep my most used pieces contained somewhere.  Again, I found this awesome heavy glass jar in the cellar and added the twine like I did for the cookie jar.


On to the next diy project.  I took a picture frame that we had, whitewashed it.  Put some plain white paper behind the glass and hung it on the wall.   Now I post our dinner menu for that evening.  My husband asks me every morning over breakfast what we are having for dinner.  So there it is on the wall.  I think it is a nice piece of artwork and gives this small area of my kitchen a personalized and cozy touch.


Here is an overview of this little corner of my kitchen.


These are just a few of the many simple things I did to decorate and organize our home.   I will share many more on another day.

These may not be “pinterest” worthy but I am happy with these new additions.  The cost was only a dry erase marker.  Everything else I had.

One of the key things, I believe in making a home yours, is to trust in your own creativity.  I don’t believe in running out to the store or ordering items online to decorate.   I like to try it on my own first.  Maybe repurpose something or shop the cellar and other rooms in my home.  Of course, once in a while I do look online for inspiration.  It is always fun to see what creative ideas others come up with.  You never know what will spark your imagination!




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