Supposedly… I have an accent.

It is just as the title suggests.  Supposedly, I have an accent, which I should have realized being an American living in a foreign country but…. let me start at the beginning of this short story.  Yesterday, as I was walking to the market, I passed an elderly woman on the sidewalk and smiled and said Good Morning.  Because the sidewalk was so narrow I stepped of the curb to give her space as she was using a cane. (Don’t worry, there is never any traffic on this particular street!)  She greeted me as well and smiled and thanked me saying her eyesight is not what it used to be.  I replied back and we shared a few pleasantries.  Then, she asked me if I was from Russia.  Supposedly, I speak German with a Russian accent.  She was so surprised when I told her that I came from America.  She isn’t the first person either who couldn’t place where I was from when speaking in German.

I honestly never think about accents.  When I was visiting Stateside last April, my Mom and I were out at a favorite restaurant of hers for lunch and the waitress came over and said, “I remember you, you’re Moms daughter and you have that nice husband with the cool accent”.    I looked at my mom and asked, does he have an accent?   She said, Oh yes.   Funny as I don’t hear it when he speaks English.

So that is my short and spontaneous post for today, it still kind of blows my mind that a local woman, who actually came to Germany from Russia thirty years ago, thought I was from her country as well.

Have a wonderful weekend & I will catch up with you next week!



4 thoughts on “Supposedly… I have an accent.

    1. Hi Alanna – Thanks & yes I am from America. Actually, I was a very close neighbor to Canada, living in Southeastern Michigan. It is interesting to find there are so many dialects of the english language!


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