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How do you keep your recipes?

I have been having a bit of a recipe assembling crisis lately and wonder if there a secret formula that works for storing your recipes and being able to actually find them at a moments notice.  I have always kept my written recipes in a box that I purchased many years ago.  It has always worked, kinda….  not only did it contain recipe cards, but it also became a storage place for the tooth fairy’s treasures, rubber bands, paper clips, old shopping lists and the occasional box top.  In fact, the lid would not close all the way and I could never find the recipe I was searching for.  I guess that defeats the sole purpose of the recipe box.

I tried to go the binder route, but never completed it.  I thought that having all my recipes in a binder would be a good idea.  That way when I travel back to the States, I could throw them in my carry-on bag.  I do enjoy cooking in my moms kitchen.  Its I great concept, but it seems a bit bulky.

As I am no longer in the “tooth fairy” season of life it is time to at least clean out my box and change it up to actually assist me in my meal planning.

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to how they store their recipes.  I recently visited pinterest to see if I could find that perfect secret formula for storing my recipes.  There are so many wonderful ideas out there.

As I am still on the fence about which way to go with my recipe storage, I would be only too happy to have some input from you.  How do you store your recipes and does that system work well for you?


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7 thoughts on “How do you keep your recipes?”

  1. Oh, Marianne, you would never want to use my storage system! 🙂 I have my original 3×5 recipe cards in its original holder from my wedding shower, and used those plus my Better Homes and Gardens cookbook until my mother-in-law passed away and I “inherited” her Betty Crocker picture cookbook and her tin box of 5×8 cards. I used both my collections and hers until we began to take cooking lessons over a year ago at Sur La Table. The recipes we got from classes were 8×11-1/2 pages stapled, so I bought a report cover to store those in. This “system” works well for me because I just remember the era of my life the recipe I want is from and pull it from there… but it’s a messy system, indeed! I think if I ever combined all of them, I’d want them in order like my very first recipe box. The tabs are arranged rather alphabetically by type, such as Appetizers & dips, Biscuits & bread, Cakes & cookies. My brain always goes back to that. I prefer the 5×8 size box, but I’d have to rewrite all my other recipes. Well… maybe one day. LOL! They say in dementia our memory is better for early times in our lives than recent, so maybe one day I’ll just pare down to my original 3×5 box and my books. Who knows? Good luck in your quest! Love you, Sis! ❤


    1. Phew! This does make me feel better! Im still figuring out how to do this. I may go through all my recipes and just put the ones I like to make regularly together. And figure out how to keep the rest contained somehow. I just had no idea it would be such a huge job! Thanks for sharing your recipe stoarage story! xo


      1. That sounds like a great plan! Actually, in my tin boxes I do keep my favorites in the very front, before all the tabs! Great minds think alike, eh? xo


  2. Just found your post and wanted to share my method. 🙂 I have several cookbooks which I turn to again and again but for recipes which are loose and not part of a book I have ‘scrapbooked’ them. I attach them to scrapbook sheets which are cut into 8 1/2″ x 11″ sizes and slipped into clear sheet protectors which are inserted into a 3-ring binder. I group them together by ‘type’ of recipe to find what I want quickly. Recently I had to begin a second one for just my “main dish” recipes (such as meatloaf, roasts, etc.); breads, beverages, desserts, sides, etc., are in their own binder.


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