The winter blues & three positive things


I’ll be honest.  I have had a bit lot of “writers block” lately.  Things happen, a cold, family stuff, changing of internet service.  I found it seemed like such a chore to photograph and make a mouth-watering recipe or even write something, that I chose not to blog.  I just didn’t know what to share! 😦  How sad.  It is frustrating though when I wanted to blog, my internet did not cooperate.  Happily, that issue is solved.

Anyways, it happens to many of us, I think.  So instead of not sharing, here I am.  I guess I could be suffering from the end of winter blues, but being a optomistic person, I refuse to get down.  No more stumbling either.  Those rocks won’t keep me from staying on the right path.

I realized that when things may look bleak for us, others have things so much worse.  I am so thankful for all I have.  My home.  Even though it is old and small, it is a solid roof over our heads and provides wonderful shelter.  Food to eat.  Even though I can’t buy a decent head of lettuce as it is out of season here.  We have plenty of other foods.  Clothing.  I sometimes complain, I have nothing to wear.  Some  items may be a bit out of style, but I have more than enough clothes to keep me warm.

Finding myself complaining over trivial things has really bothered me.   In fact, I have just began a “new” habit of journaling 3 things I am grateful for everyday.  Stopping focusing on the negative and switching it to the positive has really helped to change my outlook.  It has also brought me back here too. 😉

Soon winter will be over and we can enjoy the new beginning of spring.



2 thoughts on “The winter blues & three positive things

  1. I LOVE this post! It is so honest and raw. We all get in these ruts, and gratitude is an awesome path! I don’t know if you know (or have noticed on FB) that Jackie has posted gratitude posts every night for almost three years now. She swears it has changed her life. She amazes me! She is raising 4 kids on a meager income, yet always has thanks to offer. She says it changes the way she thinks, too. I hope you feel her spirit as you embark on this journey of thanks. I probably should start posting or writing my gratitude, too, though I offer thanks every night as I get ready for bed. This time of year is worst for me… not gratitude-wise, but mentally. February is always when winter seems to be too long too me. I am always amazed that the shortest month of the year feels the longest. I try to remind myself that miracles always come at the point we most want to give up, so never to give up. And every February reminds me of just that. Spring really is just around a corner. The days really are getting longer. That’s what I am grateful for today. The sun stayed up until 6 pm today! Yayyyy! Blessings to you, my sister! Please pray for the US. I know you stay on top of things here… Oh! I should post to Leif on the latest!! I will! Be well. We love you both!! xoxo Lynne


    1. Thankyou Lynne, I am glad you enjoyed readit it! It is so true, that even though February is the shortest month, it does seem the longest! I admire Jackie, she is such a strong and positive woman. No, I did not know she posted her gratitude on fb. I tend to not go on fb too often anymore as it kind of depresses me, seeing what everyone is up to and I am so far away from them. I’m not sure I understand why I feel that way about it. Anyways, I never realized how writing or saying something you are grateful for every day can be such a life changing experience. Be well too! xoxo


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