Cilantro & Coriander – spice talk

Sometimes it is a daunting task to find spices you have always used in cooking when living in another Country. For me personally, it includes many other ingredients too.  Although today, I wanted to share this little bit of information I never knew but quite possibly you already know this.

Earlier in the week, when having coffee with friends we got on the topic of Cilantro. It does not seem to be attainable here in Germany but I had heard that Coriander (Koriander in German) could be used as a substitute.I never questioned why but finally my curiosity got the best of me so I did some research into these spices.  The same thing? Different? Am I the only one who never knew?

Cilantro/Coriander leaves – Image from

It turns out it is the same herb. Depending on what region of the world you live in, the name varies. Not to add confusion but Chinese Parsley is also the same as Cilantro or Coriander. To me this spice has a wonderful refreshing aroma, like lime and mint.

I have only used Cilantro (Coriander) in the dried version for seasoning in Mexican cooking. I never realised how many uses there are across the world for this herb. In India, it is used to aid in digestion. In the Middle East, it is used to help with insomnia. Back to cooking though, It seems to be a herb that is trending lately.

I believe I may be venturing into learning more about cooking with and using Coriander as the seasons change into spring. Although, it does seem like a summer spice to me.  Not that spices have seasons, or do they?



3 thoughts on “Cilantro & Coriander – spice talk

  1. Hi, Sis! Something I’ve learned about cilantro is not all people like it. To some, because of their taste buds, it takes like soap! Fred is one of those people. I thought he was the only one in the beginning, but with the event of social media, I’ve had the chance to hear from more people, and the ones who don’t care for it all say it tastes like soap to them. So, there’s a piece of trivia for you. 🙂 I didn’t know Coriander and cilantro were the same spice, though, and I’ve never had coriander in green form, only as round seeds which I crush with my mortar and pestle, so I’ve learned something, too! Have a great day… and a great weekend! We’re getting a week in the 50s during the day (Woohoo!!), though 30s at night. Hope we all get a chance to do something fun! Be well! Love you! Lynne

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    1. That is really interesting Lynne. Soap?! Who would of guessed that. Enjoy your warm weather! At least its above freezing now, so hopefully we are on our way to some warmer weather! 🙂


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