Making a fresh start with the arrival of Spring

With the arrival of spring I am finding a renewed energy.  I never seem to keep resolutions when I make them at the beginning of the year.  When spring rolls around I have a renewed discipline to implement good changes.  This season I am very excited to share a few of these goals or probably more appropriately called, projects with you.

My first and most exciting change will be outside in our garden (aka backyard).  I am thrilled with this opportunity to clean it out and enjoy this beautiful space.  It is unusual to have as we live in a 6 family apartment building, which is pretty standard here.  Being we live in the roof apartment and do not have the luxury of a balcony as the other residents do.  I have been given full reign to do and use the yard to my liking.  We have always set up a small table, chairs and our weber grill in one corner but now we can expand.

Second, I am ready to say goodbye to most of my wardrobe.  I am ready to create my first capsule wardrobe.  The goal is to fit my wardrobe into one carry on suitcase.  I would love to be able to throw all my clothes in one piece of luggage and take off at the drop of that hat.  We do plan on traveling quite often this spring and summer.  I am tired of holding on to clothes that don’t quite fit right but feel guilty getting rid of them. Some I keep for sentimental reasons. Surprisingly, I find myself tired of shopping.  It is a never-ending cycle  that ends up in spending money I would rather use in other ways.  I don’t know about you, but I always end up wearing a select few pieces of clothing anyway.

This will be the hardest project for me, especially emotionally, but I embrace this new challenge.

Lastly, I will be freshening up the walls in most of the rooms in our home.  A little touching up with a fresh coat of paint can do wonders to brighten up a room and ours do need just that. Oh,  and we need a new light fixture in our kitchen as the old one decided to leave us.  Still looking…


Enjoy the newness that comes with spring.  I find the little buds of the new flowers peeking through the ground, refreshing and in some way, motivating me to do the same. Blossoming beautifully with a renewed energy.









2 thoughts on “Making a fresh start with the arrival of Spring

  1. Your excitement really comes through in this post, Marianne, and I realize how much the spring time change (it was March 12 this year) has motivated me in much the same way! Sunshine is an amazing thing. My happiness level leaps! I can’t wait to see what you do with the backyard! I’ve been enjoying the happy faces of our yellow and purple crocus. They always give me hope, as they will poke through even snow and ice, and thrive! Our hyacinth greens and buds are up, too. Aaahhhh, Spring has arrived! I hope you take lots of trips this year! I look forward to more pics of you and beautiful Germany!


    1. I am excited about spring this year, you are right. Fall used to be my favorite season but I think spring has taken over the lead. I’m glad you are enjoying the happy faces of your crocus’. They are very sweet!


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