Bringing Back the Coffee Chat – niches, blogging & randomness

I realized that I haven’t chatted with you over a cup of coffee in 6 months! Too long, my friends.  What do I have to say for myself?  Life happens?  I don’t know.  If you have been reading my blog for the past year, congratulations & thankyou!  You are amazing people to have stuck around for so long and I truly do thankyou.

You probably noticed my subject matter, look and blog name (formerly Making it home by Marianne)  to be all over the place.  Yes, it has even made me dizzy.  There are so many resources out there that tell you not to change the look after you “create” a blog and to know your niche before blogging.  In all reality, I think it truly takes a year (for me at least) to find that niche.  In regards to the look of my site, I found that if something seemed a bit off in my eyes that I did not have the incentive to update my blog.  I instead found myself messing with the look and placement of items instead of writing my post.   By then, I was too tired to blog.

To make this story shorter, I stopped reading those blogging resources.  It was just too much and made me feel that I am not “good enough” to be blogging.   On the other hand, what should I blog about?  I know what I love to do which is baking and cooking.  When the sun is lighting up my kitchen, I discovered, I love to take photos of food too.  I guess I like playing with my food.

Lightbulb!  That must be my niche!  I am just not a “lifestyle” blogger, even though I thought that was what I should be sharing.  I found out I am not even an expat blogger.  This I was told even by an “expat” site.  They mentioned that I share too many recipes!  Okay, is this not enough of a hint?  Anyways, with all that said, I believe I can blog more often when I share what I love, so that is what I am going to do.  When something doesn’t fall into a food category, hence, the Coffee Chat.

After all, isn’t that something we do in our kitchens anyways?  Sit at the table with coffee and friends and chat?

If your interested, I did add-on to my about me page, at the top.  It may explain a bit more about my baking obsession too.  As for the look of this blog? The style is here to stay but the header photo will probably be changing with the seasons.  If you haven’t noticed anything  new because you subscribe to my blog in a reader format, than you might be a bit confused & think I’m a bit crazy.  Anyways, I am glad to have figured this blogging thing out, finally.  Now I’m ready to get cooking!

Coffee is getting cold here, I guess I chatted more than I drank. 🙂








5 thoughts on “Bringing Back the Coffee Chat – niches, blogging & randomness

  1. I love your new look! I read your extended About Me, too, and it’s great, of course! I did notice this from after your last post, “I will see you next week with details on an upcoming cooking challenge I am excited to be participating in and…” Did I miss it? Or is it still coming. I’m so excited for you to be participating in a cooking challenge! I don’t know if you know this, but Fred and I watch a lot of cooking shows and especially enjoy challenges. Once, when the girls were in their early teens (I think), they ran partway up the stairs and stopped dead in their tracks. They could see we were watching Emeril Lagasse’s show. (This was back in the day before he even had an audience! BAM! came from him trying to wake up the film crew. LOL!) Anyway, the girls stopped, and one of them said, “Mom and Dad are getting old… they’re watching cooking on TV!” It’s one of our favorite stories. Anyway, keep it up! I always love reading your blog… and I grabbed a cup of coffee before I sat down to read this one! Love you, Sis!


    1. I am so glad you had a cup of coffee with me! I remember Emeril and the BAM! lol What a cute story and I think in this day and age it is quite “hip” to watch cooking shows, not like in the old days! Although, using the word “hip” might make me sound old.;-) I am glad you like the new course of this blog, like I wrote, it just feels more natural. You are right, I will be talking about participating in an upcoming cooking challenge. I had hoped to have it up this week and I still might have it up later today or tomorrow. I just have to finish writing it. The challenge begins in May. I had no idea that Leif would be taking a few days off over Easter and tomorrow as well. When he is home, I never seem to get online, unless it is to watch baseball. I still need to organize my time a bit better. xo


      1. I’m sure glad to read you’ll be participating in the challenge! Is there a prize involved? Is it in your town? I don’t get online when Fred is home, either. Overtime is coming up soon, but I have a 5-y/o, too… so we’ll see! Looking forward to hearing about your cooking challenge! It sounds so interesting! xo


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