Cake, Challenge & June first

There is more to June 1st than I thought.  Not only do we find out what Mary over at Chaotic White Space has chosen for our next category for month two of the Cooking-Through Challenge, but today is also National Hazelnut Cake Day!  I never knew it existed but If I had, I would have baked a hazelnut cake in honor of June 1st.

Hazelnut anything is my most favorite flavor.  So if anyone has an easy hazelnut cake recipe, please feel free to share it below.

Happy Hazelnut Cake Day!!

p.s. – Hopefully next year I will actually have a photo to share with you of a hazelnut cake. 😉




One thought on “Cake, Challenge & June first

  1. Ooooooo, I love hazelnut, too, so googled hazelnut cake recipes. It turns out there are LOTS of recipes for it that use Nutella (is that available in your town?) on Pinterest! They look soooo good! Here’s a link…
    Oops. Looks like you need to copy and paste…

    I love Nutella and first learned of it in Belgium! Happy baking if you decide to make it anyway! I would eat hazelnut cake any day of the year! 🙂


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