My first time…. making an omelet.

Finally getting back on track with the cooking-through challenge, I decided to try my hand at an omelet.  Not just any omelet but a french omelet aux fines herbes found on page 259 of the Betty Crocker Picture Cookbook.

I never attempted making an omelet before because it holds a bit of an intimidation factor for me.  I was amazed to find out it is not complicated at all!

This is how my first omelet ever turned out.

I  toasted  some Brioche on the side.

Not bad for a first try.  Now the recipe for “aux fines herbes” I was drawn to as I love anything french.  It seemed quite glamorous, even for an omelet.

I honestly did not quite care for the taste.  It was a big too “herby” for my liking, if there is such a thing.  I even admit to adding barbecue sauce to it.  (blushing)

The good thing is that I tried something new.  Won’t Happily Mr. be surprised when I whip up a ham and cheese omelet for him this weekend!

Keep or Toss?:  I will definitely keep making omelets from now on.  In fact the picture instructions for the french omelet key recipe were easy to follow.  I can’t believe I was so scared to make them before!! As for the Aux Fines Herbes part? Sadly, I must toss.  It just wasn’t to my liking.  Maybe if I added a bit of cheese to it, it would have been better. Next time!




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2 thoughts on “My first time…. making an omelet.”

  1. Your omelette looks soooooo yummy! Great job! My favorite lo-cal omelette is feta cheese and dill. My favorite any day omelette is cheddar cheese, mushrooms, and green and red bell peppers. I love adding Summer Savory herb to that one. Fred puts red hot sauce on all his omelets. We make many more frittatas than omelettes, though. They similar to omelets… but just cooked to set in a cast iron frying pan, then finished in the oven. To those, we add whatever is left over in the fridge (usually sauteed before adding the eggs), and top with halved cherry tomatoes and lots of cheese! I’ll have to send you a pic of our next one! Keep on keepin’ on! Love you!


    1. I’d love to see a picture of your next fritatta/omelet. Glad to hear that Fred adds hot sauce to his omeletes – now I don’t feel so bad about adding bbq sauce to mine 😉


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