First coffee chat of this year: thoughts & favourites

Happy New Year!  Let’s begin with that.  I am so excited to begin another year here on the blog.   Also, I can’t believe it is 2018.  Maybe since I was born in a year beginning with 19– I still have a hard time wrapping my head around saying 2000’s for the past well… 17 years.  Anyways, trudging on….

Yes, I have been a bit scarce here lately.  I will be posting more regularly very soon.  There seemed to be an urgent need to re-organize the kitchen, move some furniture, clean out old receipts (from yes, 2014) and de-clutter my little office area and make it my own.  I have done that and even shabby-chic’d an old desk!

I wanted to share a few of my favorite posts from over the years for you to enjoy or re-enjoy until I get things cooking and baking again in my kitchen.

The best peanut butter cookie ever!

Delicious baked camembert &  old Leipzig Gastronomy

Delicious, light, creamy and vintage Butter Cream frosting.


Asparagus, Basil & Parmesan Pasta

I hope you enjoy them & see you soon!



A new casserole idea- asparagus, turkey, bacon & hollandaise sauce

We are well into our asparagus season here as you may know, if you read my “Not your mothers asparagus” post.  I love finding new ways to cook  seasonal vegetables other than serving them as a steamed or sautéed side dish, not that there is anything wrong with those.

I do have to give my husband credit for finding this new recipe in the paper.  It did not have exact measurements, just the ingredients and cooking temperature, that’s all.

So, kicking into creative cooking gear, I put on my apron and took a stab at making this casserole.

Here are my ingredients:  Turkey schnitzel, white asparagus tips, bacon, and hollandaise sauce and some water for half way through the cooking.

I put the turkey in the bottom and I did spray the dish first with a little vegetable oil, peeled the asparagus of course and wrapped them in the bacon strips.

Next, I added the hollandaise sauce.

I then baked it in a 180 C degree oven (or 350 F) for half an hour. At that point,  I added about 1/3 cup water over the top, covered it in foil and baked 20 more minutes.

I served it up with some rosemary baked little potatoes and you know what?

It was absolutely delicious!  The turkey tender, bacon crisp and asparagus very tender.

We decided to add this recipe to my growing card file of recipes.

It is so nice when a recipe actually turns out not only edible but tasty too!


Asparagus, Basil & Parmesan Pasta (not your mothers asparagus)

Before I get to the pasta dish at hand I must share a very short story.  I hate asparagus.  Plain and simple.  The end.

I have memories of that side dish served up at dinner which looked like sad little wilted trees and  tasted like them too.  Not that I ever have eaten wilted trees.  I never tried it again until….of course you knew I would say, “until moving to Germany”.

Now for the updated version of that very short story.  Every spring, one of the local farmers has a little stand across the street from my house.  (how convenient is that?) When I learned he only sold fresh picked asparagus and strawberries, well,  I gagged.  Two things I do not eat.  My husband promised me that I would like it.

I told him my story (above) about what I thought about this vegetable and he said he, never ate it like that.  For my first introduction to the vegetable I only previous knew as “wilted tress”, he cooked white asparagus by boiling and adding sugar and butter to the water.  Served it up with boiled potatoes, rolled ham cold cuts and hollandaise sauce.  It was absolutely delicious.  I was so ready to make my standard “eww face” with the first bite, but found I did not need to.  I genuinely enjoyed that meal.

Since that first meal of asparagus, I have found many different recipes for this new-found (to me) veggie that I really do like in springtime.  White or green, it doesn’t matter.

Here is my favorite way to eat asparagus.  I mean… isn’t everything better with pasta anyways?

Asparagus, Basil & Parmesan Pasta Recipe

250 grams white asparagus

250 grams green asparagus

300 grams spaghetti noodles

80 grams fresh grated parmesan cheese

a few of springs fresh basil

sea salt

fresh black pepper

Directions: Peel asparagus and cut into thirds. Make sure to cut off the tough ends. In lightly boiling saltwater, blanch then plunge into cold water.

Cook spaghetti according to package directions.

In a frying pan, melt butter then add the asparagus. Saute about 2 minutes. Then add the pasta, salt and pepper to taste and toss through about 2 more minutes.

Plate and top each serving with a good amount of parmesan and basil.

My wine recommendation (if you will) is a nice chilled, dry Riesling.


Click here to print this recipe.   Asparagus basil and parmesan pasta