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Simple things – new kitchen stuff & snack cake

It obviously does not take very much to make me happy.  Case in point - Saturday I came home from TK Maxx with 2 brand new Cuisinart dish towels and a cookie sheet. In fact, it was Happily Mr. that saw the dish towels, which were on sale for only 3€!  He actually noticed that… Continue reading Simple things – new kitchen stuff & snack cake


Quick chocolate chip muffins

Tuesday evening, I was talking to a friend an invited her over the next morning for coffee, a good "natter" as she calls it.  Translated, that means coffee & chatting with friends, about anything or everything.  I didn't give much thought to what little thing I would bake to go with the coffee till later… Continue reading Quick chocolate chip muffins

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Very Early Morning Coffee Chat

Today, coffee will be my drink of choice and necessity.  Do you ever have one of those nights where you can't sleep because your mind is thinking about all the things you would like to accomplish the next day?  Yep, that was me last night.  I was surprised I couldn't sleep as we stayed up… Continue reading Very Early Morning Coffee Chat

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What do you mean there’s NO Starbucks?!

I admit, I love Starbucks Coffee.  Give me a white chocolate mocha, pumpkin spice or my favorite, a caramel macchiato with an extra shot of espresso and I am one very, happy camper!  Imagine my surprise when Leif (my husband) told me after the fact that I moved, they did not have a Starbucks in… Continue reading What do you mean there’s NO Starbucks?!